Sheffield mum appalled after workmen get autistic teenage son on rooftops

Autistic boy let on rooftops without qualifications.
Autistic boy let on rooftops without qualifications.

A Sheffield mum says she is appalled after workmen paid by the council let her autistic teenage son on rooftops - despite him having no training or qualifications.

Melanie Staniland has spoken out after her son Morgan Brown, aged 17, was allowed onto roofs by a firm working on behalf Sheffield Council earlier this month.

Melanie, of Parson Cross, said Morgan asked workers on a site near home if there was any work available.

Despite him not having the qualifications or training required - and suffering from autism and 'obvious' learning difficulties - Morgan was told bring steel toe cap boots and start the following day. Morgan then spent two days working on rooftops, until a family friend spotted him and alerted his mother.

Melanie said: "I'm so shocked and appalled that this could happen - it's alarming.

"Morgan has obvious learning difficulties and I can't believe these workmen allowed him up. What if he had fallen? What if he had dropped a tile on somebody? It really is disgraceful."

According to Sheffield Council, the problem arose after a firm contracted by the authority, BAAS Construction Ltd, subcontracted work to another firm.

The council appointed BAAS as one of five contractors to replace the roofs to over 32,000 homes as part of a £100m Roofing programme.

As soon as the incident was brought to the attention of management, the subcontractor was immediately removed from the site.

Kevin O’Connell, director from BAAS Construction Ltd, said: “This was an extremely isolated incident which has never happened before over our 33 years in business.

"Once we were informed the contractor responsible was removed from site immediately. We have apologised to the individual in question and his family, we do not condone this type of behaviour onsite.

"Once all information relating to this incident has been fully completed and reviewed any changes required to prevent it from happening again will be put in to place.”

Janet Sharpe, Director of Housing and Neighbourhoods Services, said: “The incident was totally unacceptable. BAAS sacked the firm in question immediately when it came to light.

"We are working with them and the other roofing contractors to ensure steps are taken to make sure this incident is not repeated.”