Sheffield mum helps slimmers shed more than 1,000 stone in a year

Lorna Dewsnap, of Chapeltown, has helped residents of Sheffield and Rotherham lose more than 1,000lbs.
Lorna Dewsnap, of Chapeltown, has helped residents of Sheffield and Rotherham lose more than 1,000lbs.

A Sheffield woman has inspired overweight residents to become super slimmers – helping them lose more than 1,000 stones in a year.

Lorna Dewsnap, aged 50, runs eight Weight Watchers groups across Sheffield and Rotherham and is preparing to launch her ninth early in the New Year.

The mum-of-two from Chapeltown said: “In 2014 alone, Sheffield residents have lost more than 600 stones and Rotherham members have shed more than 400 stones.

“I am proud of my members and want to encourage others to follow suit.”

Lorna joined Weight Watchers 20 years ago, losing 50lbs as a member, before becoming a leader four years ago.

She was presented with a Diamond Leader Award – the Oscar of the weight loss group – for her achievement.

She believes regularly attending Weight Watchers meetings is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

Lorna said: “It’s all to do with attending meetings. Even when you get to you goal weight it’s important people still keep coming to maintain their weight.

“It’s becoming a leader that inspired me to maintain my weight. I have to confess to my members when I’ve been on holiday and put on a few pounds and I’ll have to tell them how much I’ve put on over the Christmas period.”

Lorna, who works full time for Weight Watchers, has between 30 and 50 members attending each of her meetings, and is hoping to attract similar numbers to her new group, starting at Ice Sheffield, Attercliffe on Friday, January 9, at noon.

She says her favourite part of her job is watching people transform their lifestyles as well as their appearance.

Lorna said: “I never get tired of seeing people. I get to witness mini miracles. I see people change before my very eyes. When you see them week in week out getting weighed and losing weight is great.

“Everyone has different reasons for wanting to lose weight.

“I have one lady with diabetes who joined after her doctor had told her to lose weight. She’s now lost 50lbs and doesn’t need to take any insulin.”

n For details about Lorna’s meetings call, 07809 222163.