Sheffield mum’s towed car nightmare

Dr Sarah Swann
Dr Sarah Swann

A mum’s car was towed away while she was away on a work trip – after a roadworks date sign was changed.

Dr Sarah Swann thought her car had been stolen when she returned to Nether Green after two days away and found it had gone from outside her mother’s home.

It had been towed by Sheffield Council and she was charged £140 to recover the vehicle.

A notice instructing residents not to park on Fulney Road because of resurfacing the previous week was in place, but the work had never happened.

But the notice was changed to cover dates Sheffield Hallam University academic Dr Swann, who lives on Oakbrook Road, was in Bristol.

She said: “It has been a nightmare – nobody will take responsibility for what has happened.

“It took me getting in touch with councillors and Nick Clegg’s office to get an acknowledgement email.

“The council has blamed Streets Ahead and Amey but they are saying it is nothing to do with them.

“I am just going round in circles which is enough to send anyone apoplectic.

“Now I have been told it is going to be under investigation and it is going to take eight weeks.

“What takes eight weeks to investigate?”

Another four cars were towed from the street.

Dr Swann said the only work that had taken place was a hole being loosely filled with grit but the potholes all remained.

Paul Fell, Sheffield Council’s transport, traffic and parking services business manager, said: “We will be assessing Dr Swann’s representation against being towed away, in accordance with our normal processes.

“We will contact Dr Swann directly to advise her of the outcome.”