Sheffield music venues sign petition aiming to stop residents in new builds complaining about noise

The Riverside pub in Sheffield
The Riverside pub in Sheffield

Music venues in Sheffield have backed a petition with nearly 40,000 signatures aimed at stopping residents complaining about noise.

Sheffield sound engineers, DJs and bar managers have signed the petition urging the UK government to introduce compulsory noise complaint waivers to people buying or renting property near live music venues.

The e-petition, drawn up by Aidan James Stevens, from Worksop, says: “There are innumerate cases of people knowingly moving within close proximity of live music venues, only to try to have their licences revoked or have them closed completely when they take exception to the noise.

“Anyone who wishes to buy or rent a property within a determined distance of a music venue should have to read and sign legislature that waives their right to complain about the noise from the nearby venue.”

Venues say complaints from residents in new-build properties are damaging the city’s music economy.

Staff at the Riverside bar on Mowbray Street are actively sharing the petition on social media.

Karl Nosek, who manages the Riverside, said: “It is ridiculous that businesses that have been established in the city for decades are being damaged by complaints from residents who’ve just moved in. Noise complaints have affected our business quite badly.

“We’ve been in touch with Sheffield City Council and, having received complaints from people living in the new student accommodation next door, we are no longer able to play live music past 11.30pm. Before we’d be playing music until 1am.”

Samuel Staton, aged 23, signed the petition because he is concerned noise complaints will affect his work as a sound engineer for live acts.

Samuel, from Crookes, said: “It’s our livelihoods on the line. I know quite a few places I’ve worked with that have been affected by complaints. They aren’t just finishing earlier, they’re also putting fewer on. That affects my work.”