Sheffield nurse abandoned ill patient: claim

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A NURSE skipped work early leaving a dementia sufferer unconscious and covered in vomit, a professional misconduct hearing was told.

Angela Phiri, aged 49, allegedly left her shift before it finished at Northfields Nursing Home, Roebuck Road, Crookesmoor, Sheffield - despite knowing the woman was unwell and needed urgent treatment.

She is alleged to have claimed she didn’t ‘want to spend a minute longer at the home’ than she had to.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council heard night shift nurse Alyna White took over from Phiri on April 17, 2009 - and phoned for an ambulance after discovering the patient lying in bed covered in vomit.

“When I went into Patient B’s room, I found her unconscious on her back in bed,” she said.

“She looked pale and unwell and was completely unresponsive.”

The tribunal was told the patient, who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and severe dementia, was rushed to hospital.

Phiri is accused of not doing adequate checks on the patient, failing to put her on her side, not cleaning up the vomit, and leaving shortly before her shift was due to end, at 7.45pm.

But the nurse disputes Ms White’s version of events, claiming she had cleaned away some of the vomit, and passed on information that the patient had been unwell.

She claims the patient was sleeping when she left her.

Ms White reported the incident to senior managers - and she also claimed Phiri failed to provide adequate care for another patient at the home a month earlier.

She accused Phiri of not phoning for an emergency doctor on March 14, 2009, to treat a man with a raised fever, after earlier telling his son she would do so.

Ms White said: “It is not easy to report a colleague and suggest they are not doing their job properly, to report them to management and get them into trouble.

“It was only after the case of Patient B, which was a serious event for that person, that I reported the incident with Patient A, suggesting a pattern perhaps of not always seeking treatment when necessary.”

Phiri was sacked from her job with Palms Row Healthcare, which runs the nursing home, in May 2009, after four years in the job.

She denies the charges against her.

Patient B has since made a full recovery and returned to live at the care home.

The hearing continues.