Sheffield Ponds Forge pool shut after crash

Car crashes into Ponds Forge. Pic: Alex Roebuck.
Car crashes into Ponds Forge. Pic: Alex Roebuck.

The swimming pools at Ponds Forge in Sheffield are still closed after a ‘million to one’ car crash outside the building.

A silver Citroen Picasso smashed into the side of the sports centre on Tuesday night, colliding with a wall of the 50m competition pool near the chlorine control panel. The centre was immediately evacuated, and the area cordoned off.

Now - following a visit by structural engineers on Wednesday - more work has been identified to ensure the sports centre continues to meet health and safety.

Lorenzo Clark, director of operations at Sheffield International Venues, said: “Structural engineers visited Ponds Forge to examine the area.

“The centre has been desperately unlucky. The chances of it happening really were a million to one shot.

“However, the process of making the area fit to resume service has begun. We are anticipating the delivery of specialist chlorine equipment today before work can begin, to ensure it once again fulfils health and safety criteria.

“During this time the centre will remain open as normal - but the pool areas will remain closed.

“We are looking to open the pools again as soon as possible and we will know more this afternoon.

“We apologise to customers for any inconvenience.”