Sheffield pub “mocking” residents with late night opening plans

The Devonshire Cat pub
The Devonshire Cat pub

A Sheffield pub which wants to open late to replace the lost hour at British Summertime has been criticised for “mocking” local residents.

The Devonshire Cat pub, on Wellington Street, has applied to change its licence so it can open until 3am daily, an extra hour on its current opening hours.

It says it will compensate for the one hour which is lost in March when British Summertime starts.

But local resident Kate Drive says the pub’s request is nonsense. In an objection to the licensing board, she says: “Am I mistaken in assuming that the brewery are mocking the licensing system and mocking local residents when they want to extend their opening hours to 3am to replace the lost hour? There are still 24 hours in everyday, barring the obvious quirks of two days each year.”

Ms Drive says the extra hour will disrupt people’s sleep. “This has always been a residential area and I have never understood how so many bars have been allowed to gradually push the closing times further and further past 11am. Local residents have been forced to tolerate a lot of noise and light pollution over the years.
“Being woken or disturbed from late evening to midnight can be annoying and from midnight to 2.30am can be very disruptive and unsettling.
“But disturbance from 2.30am to 5am can be unbearable as those are the hours in which you hope to be in the deepest part of sleep. This request is nonsense and should be rejected.

“Businesses giving what I can only assume they see as comedic reasons for their requests should be advised that they are time wasting and wasting council funds.”

The licensing board will discuss it at a meeting on Tuesday, September 18.