Sheffield pupils prepare to go green at their first eco-friendly market – including candles made by one of them

Students are preparing for a Green Revolution –  and are to hold an eco-friendly market selling only ‘green’ goods.

Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 12:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 12:27 pm
Jude Smith, year nine pupil at High Storrs School, Sheffield, and creator of organic candles which he sells under the brand Waxi Co.

Pupils at High Storrs School, Bents Green, will be hosting their first Eco-Expo@High Storrs, sponsored by Randstad Education, on March 23.

The brain-child of Abi Merritt and Rae Helm, Eco-Expo sets out to help people find ways to live a more environmentally minded lifestyle.

The event, which will run from 11am to 6pm  at the school, is made up of three main elements; The Green Market, The Big Switch Exhibition and Talks, Seminars and Screenings.

The Green Market will see eco-friendly businesses selling their wares. This will provide shoppers with a great opportunity to try plastic-free shopping and swap some of the products they use for ‘greener’ options.

People who want to go along are advised to make sure they do not forget their shopping bags as there will be a huge variety of products on offer to buy.

Retailers include:

? Soap Loaf Company, who sell cosmetics and soaps.

? Badger & Bobbins, who sell alternatives to single use plastics.

? Sukit & Sea, who sell zero waste and local produce.

? Virginia Rhodes, who sell home made preserves.

? Happy Earth Essentials, who sell handmade reusable products.

? Kit Dargue Artist, who sells cards and hats.

? Unwrapped, which is a zero-waste shop in Crookes.

? Waxi Co, who sell organic candles.

? Feels Like Home, which sells terrariums and planters.

? Gill Black, who sells recycled jewellery.

? Hannah Mann, who sells single use plastic alternatives and upcycled products.

? Bare Essentials, which is a zero-waste shop in Abbeydale.

? Natures Kids, which sells organic children’s clothing.

? Holly Hagg Community Farm, which sells crafts made with Alpaca fleece.

There will also be many more retailers on offer.

One of the stall holders, year nine student Jude Smith who runs Waxi Co, said: “Just before my thirteenth birthday, I got involved with a Sheffield Youth Entrepreneurship scheme called BiG Challenge through my school, High Storrs.

“During these past two years, I have designed my own products, marketed my company and built the environmentally-friendly image of my business up.

“My candles are made with 100 per cent organic or recycled materials; glass jam jars and shop defects are filled with natural soy wax and essential oils. The wicks, which are cotton based, are fairtrade too.”

The Big Switch Exhibition will educate people about the longer term or bigger changes that they can make to go green.

There are lots of ways that people can reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact, and this area will give ideas as to how this can be done.

Finally, there will be a selection of speakers, including Natalie Bennett and Alison Teal from the Green Party, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Sheffield Beekeepers, Unwrapped and many more.

They will be speaking about a wide range of topics, including sustainability in the home, renewable energy, green Living on a budget climate change, food an farming, mental health and wellbeing, and being the change you want to see.

In addition to the talks there will be some chances to enter into deeper discussions on some topics, with seminars on health and wellbeing, nutrition and energy being held on the day.

The day will be catered by PJ Taste and Streetfood Chef. Staff from these brands will be working hard to ensure they can feed everyone who attends the event, without creating unnecessary waste.

To help reduce waste, visitors are being asked to recommending that visitors bring their own reusable cups or plates where possible.

There will also be representatives from other organisations running services on the day. Recycle will be on site to fix and service bikes and Russell Richardson will be bringing their mobile shredding machine to allow people to dispose of their confidential waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Anybody who would like to attend is encouraged to travel to the event on foot, bike or public transport where possible to help minimise the carbon impact of the event.

Look up the  event on Facebook at for more details.