Sheffield Pupils take part in school swap

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Twenty students from Sheffield have taken part in a ‘school swap’ to find out what life is like for other pupils in the area.

Students from inner city Fir Vale School swapped places with pupils at rural Bradfield School to see what life was like for the other.

The project builds on Sheffield MP, David Blunkett’s ‘Tale of Two Cities’.

The report noted that there were inequalities between inner city and rural areas.

The aim of the project was to raise awareness and understanding of community cohesion across the city.

Students from Bradfield spent Tuesday in Fir Vale school.

Student Support Officer, Richard Ward, said: “When our children leave these two schools they are going to go out into the wider community and find themselves with children from other areas of the city so it is good that they start mingling now. “

Holly, a student from Bradfield School said: “When our teacher asked us to take part I was worried because Bradfield is full of fields and here is full of houses, its newer than Bradfield.”

Xanthe, from Fir Vale School said: “Bradfield is a posh school in a posh area so is quite different from Fir Vale, I thought they would be a bit bit snobby, [but] they are not like that at all.”

Ben Miskell a citizenship teacher at Bradfield School said the swap was “very positive”.

“One of our students went into an Urdu class which we don’t have at Bradfield and they picked up a few words.

“We wanted to show our children that there is another side to the City.”