Sheffield road records 1,390 speeding offences

Baslow Road, Totley where 1390 drivers have been caught speeding since October. Picture: Andrew Roe
Baslow Road, Totley where 1390 drivers have been caught speeding since October. Picture: Andrew Roe

A community campaigner has hit out at dangerous drivers after 1,390 incidents of speeding were recorded on a Sheffield road.

Roger Hart, aged 71, of Marstone Crescent in Totley said he ‘had enough’ of drivers breaking the speed limit on the A621 Baslow Road which has seen more than 1,000 speeding incidents since October 2014.

Mr Hart is the chairman of the traffic focus group in Totley and the deputy neighbourhood watch coordinator.

He said: “I had enough of people trying to do U-turns across the dual carriage way.

“It’s led to three collisions on the road and I thought it was wise to get in touch with South Yorkshire Safety Cameras to do something about it.”

Mr Hart said the findings were ‘remarkable’ after they revealed one car was clocked speeding at 74mph and a motorbike was recorded at 66mph – the speed limit for the A621 through Totley is 30 mph.

Other findings showed a woman was recorded speeding twice in the same day, while notable offenders included a former magistrate.

Mr Hart said: “Comments from local resident offenders have been interesting – ‘I was only going to the post office’ from an ex-magistrate.”

“The boyfriend of the woman who was booked twice in a single day said ‘she did not see any 
30 miles-per-hour signs’.

“When asked if she had seen any 40mph signs, there was no reply.”

Road safety charity Brake called for speeding drivers to ‘face the full force of the law’.

James McLoughlin, for Brake, said:“Breaking the speed limit by any amount is a serious offence, but drivers who travel well above the speed limit are taking huge risks and are putting themselves and others in grave danger.

“At very high speeds, crashes are much more likely to be fatal and this sort of selfish behaviour warrants strong action.

“We believe drivers who significantly break the speed limit should face the full force of the law, including a driving ban, to take them off the road and deter others from behaving in a similarly risky way.”