Sheffield’s 12lb 6oz newborn Eva’s a whopper

Babys A little Whopper 'Eva Lilly Margerrison with her Mum & Dad
Babys A little Whopper 'Eva Lilly Margerrison with her Mum & Dad

Bumper baby Eva Lily Margerrison has already gained a larger-than-life nickname after weighing in at a staggering 12lbs 6oz.

Her Sheffield family are calling her their ‘little Burger King whopper’ – as proud parents Danica Slavin and Sam Margerrison met while they were working at the fast-food chain two years ago.

Eva, who was born nine days late at the Jessop Wing maternity unit by emergency Caesarean on August 4, has already almost outgrown newborn clothes.

And her grand entrance has left relatives puzzled as there is no history of large newborns in the family.

First-time mum Danica, of Woodspring Court, Grimesthorpe, said: “We knew she was going to be a big baby but not quite that big!

“When the doctors said how much she weighed we were just in shock, we couldn’t believe it.

“She’s long and she’s got big feet too so she is big all over. She will be in clothes for babies aged three to six months soon.

“My mum calls her the big whopper because Sam and I met at Burger King – it’s just a clever nickname really.

“We’ve no idea where her size comes from because neither I or Sam were big babies, it’s come out of nowhere.

“She is doing really well and we are chuffed to bits.”

Danica, aged 20, is on maternity leave from Burger King at Centertainment in Sheffield, while 24-year-old dad Sam is now a bus driver for First.

Eva’s grandma Carol Slavin, of Lupton Road, Lowedges, joked that Eva could be the ‘biggest baby born in Sheffield this year’.

The mum-of-four, who has become a grandmother for the first time, added: “It’s a lovely story that they met at Burger King and now they’ve had their own little Burger King whopper.

“The doctors did say Eva was going to be big but we didn’t expect her to be that kind of size.

“Danica had to have an emergency Caesarean because the doctors were scared Eva might get stuck.

“Danica was only 6lbs 13oz so Eva is the first whopper. But she’s gorgeous.”