Sheffield’s Pacific hero stunned at ‘mind-boggling’ global reaction to record row

John Beeden at sea
John Beeden at sea

A Sheffield adventurer who has made history by rowing the Pacific Ocean alone has said the global response to his achievement has been ‘mind-boggling’.

John Beeden, who is originally from Woodseats, said he has spent most of his time since completing his marathon seven-month row from America to Australia doing interviews with the international press.

John Beeden

John Beeden

Writing on his blog, the 53-year-old said he has featured in British, Australian, American and Canadian papers, radio programmes and television shows and is even being recognised on the street in Australia since reaching dry land in Cairns on December 27.

John spent 209 days at sea as he crossed 6,500 nautical miles in a 6m-long boat.

He said he is coming to terms with his new-found fame after finishing the challenge.

John said: “Things have been very strange the last couple of days, the interest from the press has been astounding.

“I’ve spent most of the last two days doing phone interviews either live on radio or TV or for papers here in Australia, the UK and Canada.

“Apparently I’ve made most of the BBC news programmes, Radio 5 Live, Canadian TV wants to see me when I get back, the list goes on. Apparently a package was aired on USA Today which has a massive audience.

“I’m totally blown away by the interest and it seems a fascinating way to finish the experience. I seem to have made all the papers, even the broadsheets in the UK, I’ve done follow up interviews with the Canadian papers that covered the story a few weeks ago.

“It’s mind boggling, it seems all you need to do to get your 15 minutes is spend seven months in continual torment and you’re set!

“I’ve been recognised in the airport and in the street, as I say it’s all a bit strange.”

Mr Beeden and his family were due to spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney before flying back home to Canada in the next few days.

He is no stranger to incredible adventures, having previously rowed the Atlantic from the Canary islands to Barbados in 2011.

The lifelong runner is a former member of Hallamshire Harriers and Sheffield Athletics Club and helps organise registration for the London Marathon every year.