Sheffield school reduces hours for students in wake of riot 

A Sheffield school where a riot broke out earlier this week has shortened the day for pupils today and tomorrow.

Emergency services were called to a disturbance outside Fir Vale School on Tuesday afternoon after pupils started fighting in the dining hall.

Emergency services were called to Fir Vale School on Tuesday

Emergency services were called to Fir Vale School on Tuesday

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When news of the brawl reached the local community, a large crowd of concerned parents and residents gathered at the school gates on Owler Lane, Fir Vale.

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Some tried to scale the school’s perimeter fence but were held back by police officers deployed to deal with the disturbance and restore calm.

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Eyewitnesses described the scenes outside the school gates as a ‘riot’.

Head teacher Simon Hawkins said special assemblies attended by South Yorkshire Police were organised for all pupils at school the day after the disturbance.

Today and tomorrow he is allowing students to start at 11am to allow a ‘smoother transition’ back to lessons.

In a letter to parents, he said: “In the immediate term, we need to have a different day tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.

“This will mean pupils and staff can have a smoother transition back to school.

“Thursday, September 27 and Friday, September 28, school is open to all pupils at 11am.

“Pupils will go straight to coaching time and then at 11.25am pick up their usual lessons.

“However, any pupil that needs to be in school at their usual time will be supervised in the main hall/ dining room until 11am.

“Any child that needs additional help or support will receive it.”