Sheffield schoolboy builds replica supersonic vehicle

Joel Blomfield
Joel Blomfield

A Sheffield schoolboy is on the fast track to a career in engineering - after impressing experts with a replica of the 1,000mph supersonic Bloodhound.

Joel Blomfield, aged nine, spent two months building a replica of the vehicle after watching a television programme about the Bloodhound project, which is aiming to set a new world land speed record of over 1,000mph in a 135,000 horsepower jet rocket.

Joel Blomfield

Joel Blomfield

Joel spent two months designing, building and painting his replica - a soapbox racing cart - with his dad Will.

The pair bought various items off of eBay - including a roof box for the body - and assembled the contraption in their garage.

They then travelled from their home in Sheffield to the Bloodhound’s HQ in Avonmouth, Bristol, to show off their masterpiece to pilot Andy Green - an RAF fighter pilot who was Chief of Staff for operations in Libya in 2011 and is involved in the Bloodhound project.

The real Bloodhound vehicle, which is yet to be completed, is intended to reach 1,000mph and be tested on a South African runway later this year in the hope of smashing the current land speed record.

Joel’s machine does not have an engine and can only manage a top speed of 20mph going downhill.

The schoolboy designer said: “Now I definitely want to be an engineer. I used to want to be a footballer but this is much better.

“It was epic and awesome for Andy Green to like the car.

“He said it was very similar to the Bloodhound car. It was the best day ever.”

Dad Will, a 46-year-old driving instructor, said he couldn’t be more proud and happy for his son.

He said: “Joel was the visionary director, I was the grease monkey. Joel set the project direction.

“I think the project was great for me and Joel and the Bloodhound project has got a good message about engineering being a worthwhile career.”

An education project is in place encouraging youngsters to get involved to follow the progress of the car’s development.