Sheffield shooting man in hospital

Police at the scene of the shooting
Police at the scene of the shooting

A man aged 26 is recovering in hospital after being targeted by gunmen in Sheffield.

South Yorkshire Police are investigating the shooting, which happened on a roundabout just off Fairleigh on the Manor estate, at around 11am yesterday.

The area was surrounded by a police cordon, with uniformed officers and forensic teams at the scene for several hours.

With access to the roundabout closed to traffic and pedestrians, residents on surrounding streets faced long detours to make it back to their homes.

Harbhajan Singh, owner of the Premier shop on Fairleigh, said: “I didn’t come in until later in the afternoon but when I got here the police were all over.

“They came in and asked if I had CCTV, and I gave it to them to look at.

“All of the customers were coming in asking what had happened, and some said that kids had been past on motorbikes and shot at the cars.”

Stephen Birnie, aged 55, who lives on Fairleigh with his girlfriend, said: “We heard some bangs and then it wasn’t long before the roundabout was mobbed with police.”

A police spokesperson said: “Officers in Sheffield are investigating a shooting that is believed to have occurred on Wednesday morning in the Manor area.

“Officers believe this to be a targeted attack.

“A 26-year-old man was taken to hospital, and is being treated for gun shot injuries.

“His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.”