Sheffield show home is one in a million

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A NEW ‘millionaires’ row’ is to be built in Sheffield - with potential homeowners invited to design their very own luxury dream house.

From walk-in wardrobes to swimming pools, nothing is too grand for the exclusive Ballard Hall estate, to be developed on Tapton Park Road, Ranmoor, three miles outside the city centre.

Margaret Eadsforth, sales manager for Mandale Homes, the company behind the scheme, said: “New to us means a blank canvas,

“There’s really only one question: what do you want? Three bedrooms? Four? Five? A granny flat? Open-plan living? Five storeys? We have options to infinity.”

The estate will be the first of its kind in the region and will feature 24 homes, each unique and costing anywhere between £450,000 and £1,000,000.

Each house will be designed specifically for purpose by its owner and Mandale is encouraging people to think big.

Margaret said: “One lady asked us to build a walk-in wardrobe for her 300 pairs of shoes, whereas another gentleman wanted a media room, complete with cinema screen, wine coolers and speakers, all hidden behind a false wall in his office.

“We’ve been given plans that include offices, saunas and even gyms for people to workout in their own home.

“Your every wish is our command.”

The only three restrictions standing in the way of buyers and their ‘millionaires’ row’ address is ensuring that Sheffield Council planning officers accept the proposals, the land is big enough for what the buyer wants and - most importantly - the buyer can afford it at a time when the average house price in Sheffield sits at just under £150,000.

A £1 million show home will open to the public at the site on Monday, to give those in a position to consider this sort of property development some idea of just how big it is possible for them to dream.

Margaret said: “The show home is absolutely beautiful.

“We’re very proud of the reaction we’ve had to it, we haven’t had a negative comment yet, people want to move right in!”

Coun John Campbell, Lord Mayor of Sheffield, is set to open the show home on Monday, at 11am, as well as receiving a donation from Mandale to his charity fund.

The show home will be open to the public daily, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 10.30am to 5.30pm.