Sheffield sixth formers learn the lessons of the Holocaust

James Mills and Logan Robin, King Edward VII students
James Mills and Logan Robin, King Edward VII students

Sixth formers from Sheffield and Rotherham are to share their experiences of visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau with other students after seeing the old concentration and exterminations camps for themselves.

They were among a group of young people taken to Poland by the Holocaust Educational Trust, which aims to increase understanding of the Holocaust.

It was an opportunity to witness the horrors of the camps where more than 1m Jews died, to see the cramped barracks, the gas chambers and the belongings of families that were torn apart.

Birkdale School student Jamie Anderson, aged 17, said: “This place is a representation of everything wrong with humanity and it is our job to come and do better.”

Daisy Cutts, aged 17, of Notre Dame High School, said: “There are so many things from here which I will remember. The pile of children’s shoes really stuck with me. How could they kill children and not feel remorse about it?”

James Mills and Logan Robin, both 17, and King Edward VII students, applied to go because of family histories. James, of Ecclesall, said: “My grandad and his family were Hungarian Jews and they managed to escape the Nazi and Soviet occupations.”

Students will become ambassadors of the trust through its ‘Lessons From Auschwitz’ project.