Sheffield Star readers condemn problem parking that blocks bus routes 

A bus travels through Stannington.
A bus travels through Stannington.

Inconsiderate drivers - whose bad parking blocks bus routes – have been roundly condemned by Star readers. 

First buses had to be diverted on Saturday due to badly parked cars blocked the way on Greaves Road, Ecclesfield. 

Meanwhile, Stagecoach Yorkshire had to cancel a service from Ecclesfield to the city centre because of the same problem. 

These were the latest in a string of similar incidents which earlier this year prompted transport bosses to issue a public plea for motorists to make sure they park properly. 

Star readers have now taken to Facebook to vent their frustration at nuisance drivers who block streets with their vehicles. 

Joanne Farrell described them as “ignorant people” with “no thought for others.” 

Mick Bennett added: “I hope the police or parking wardens are called out to ticket all the offending vehicles.”

James Loring raised concern that emergency services would also have their route blocked because of problem parking. 

He posted: “Why don't they just ticket the cars or insist they be moved because if there is a fire a fire engine won't get through.”

Dave Fisher said they face similar problems with poor parking in Bradway and Woodhouse. 

Another reader described the issue as “nothing unusual” and added that it “always happens there.” 

But Angela Parry argued it was down to a lack of available spaces and said: “If the council made more parking places then this wouldn't be a problem.”

The Star highlighted the issue in January and a bus driver who has served the city for over a decade described it as a major problem. 

This prompted the Sheffield Bus Partnership - which comprises of the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, Sheffield City Council and private bus companies - to call for drivers to be more considerate about where they leave their vehicles.