Sheffield star’s South Pole trek with Prince

Dominic West on his South Pole trek for Walking with the Wounded
Dominic West on his South Pole trek for Walking with the Wounded

Homegrown star Dominic West has received the royal seal of approval after completing a trek to the South Pole.

The Grindleford-born actor has gained an unlikely new BFF - best friend forever - in Prince Harry, who he accompanied on the Antarctic expedition just before Christmas.

He credited the prince with keeping up morale and helping him to master the art of skiing during the three-week trip.

The 44-year-old, who is the son of a Sheffield manufacturer, took part in the trek in his capacity as celebrity patron for one of three teams competing to reach the Pole first.

The trek was raising money for the charity Walking with the Wounded.

The teams, representing Britain, the US and the Commonwealth, had to dig latrine pits at each overnight stop during their journey.

It was a world away from last December, when Dominic was delighting audiences at Sheffield’s Crucible theatre in the award-winning musical My Fair Lady.

Dominic said: “In the first few days I was having trouble getting the skiing right. I kept falling over. It’s really embarrassing and painful. I was pretty miserable.

“Prince Harry was the first guy who came over and gave me a hand and a bit of advice.

“He was a genuinely compassionate person.”

Prince Harry returned the compliment, thanking ‘Dom’ in a press conference after the trip.

Dominic believes the prince enjoyed himself most because it was a chance to be a ‘normal’ lad.

He added: “Because we had so many other things to worry about it went out of the window he’s a prince.”