Sheffield Steelers head coach Paul Thompson happy to play a waiting game over new signings

Steelers head coach Paul Thompson. Photo Dean Woolley
Steelers head coach Paul Thompson. Photo Dean Woolley

Steelers head coach Paul Thompson will not be rushed into making his final signing of the summer.

Thompson presently has seven places to fill to complete his roster though says one of those is ‘done and dusted.’

“There are a couple of very minor points to resolve before we announce a new signing,” Thompson said. “I’m excited, he is a forward and he will help us.

“Then we have three more forwards and three on the back end to complete the roster.

“I’m in no rush, I could sign six good players this afternoon and then go on holiday.

“That wouldn’t be the right thing to do though.

“I haven’t got the Champions Hockey League signing deadlines this year so we can wait a little longer for the right players to become available.

“It’s such a fluid situation, it changes every day, new players become available or I track guys down that I think fit the bill.

“We have our core guys coming back and I couldn’t be happier with them.

“Now we add to them, find the missing pieces I guess

“Sometimes you make contact with players and agents at this time of the year, you have interest in and it takes them a month or so to realise we are the right choice.

“Sometimes it happens overnight and sometimes you sign a guy you have been speaking to for three years.

“The trick is not to panic, not to sign for the sake of it.

“Relax, realise we have time on our side and be patient, and that’s what we will do

“There wasn’t much wrong with us last year, we just need a little fine tuning.

“Players and people that will add to what we already have.

“I’m in no rush”