Sheffield taxi driver who grew up in Page Hall area 'saddened' by litter mess

The mess on Page Hall Road
The mess on Page Hall Road

A Sheffield taxi driver has said he’s ‘heartbroken’ to see his childhood estate full of litter and mess on a ‘daily basis’.

A Sheffield taxi driver has said he’s ‘heartbroken’ to see his childhood estate full of litter and mess on a ‘daily basis’.

Dean Smith, aged 53, of Wincobank grew up on Page Hall and Fir Vale and said it fills him with sadness to see the area like it is.

Dean, who has been a taxi driver for over 20 years said the area is the ‘worst’ in Sheffield for litter and is calling for the city council to take drastic action.

The 53-year-old, who moved from the area in 2002, said the litter situation in Page Hall took a turn for the worse in 2011 and often sees people chucking rubbish on the floor while he’s out at work.

“I get to all four corners of Sheffield driving my taxi and on this one particular morning I had to stop and take photos of the mess,” Dean said.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, I can’t get my head around it. I have fond childhood memories of Page Hall, I used to play around these parts but now it’s more know for the rubbish thrown on the floor on a daily basis.

“It does makes me sad, it’s heartbreaking to see what the are become.

“I tell people it used to be a lovely area but people look at my funny and think I must be mad.”

Council leaders are expected to launch a new litter campaign in the area working alongside police.

Coun Bryan Lodge, cabinet member for the environment, said: “I was out with officers on the morning and saw the litter myself.

“It was immediately cleaned and we will continue to clean the streets very regularly.

“We continue to patrol the area, taking enforcement action wherever we have the evidence for this. We will be working closely with police over the coming weeks on this, which will include joint patrols.

“Educational work also takes place in schools and the local community, to help educate people about littering and fly-tipping.

“A new campaign is also starting next week which is targeting residents’ behaviour, asking them to take a more responsible approach to how they manage their waste, including that it is unacceptable to drop litter or fly tip their waste.

“We will continue to work hard with partners and the community to tackle the issues.”