Sheffield teen who shouted 'watch me cut his head off' as he wielded machete in the street is jailed

The incident took place in Beldon Road, Norfolk Park. Picture: Google Maps.
The incident took place in Beldon Road, Norfolk Park. Picture: Google Maps.

A Sheffield teenager, who left residents terrified after he wielded a machete in the street and shouted 'watch me cut his head off,' has been jailed.

On June 8 last year, a number of residents on Beldon Road, Norfolk Park were left fearing for their safety after they saw Corey Hackford, 20, of Saumel Street, Norfolk Park walking down the road shouting and waving a machete.

Prosecuting, Michael Tulley, explained: "Police received one call from a member of the public who said a man with a machete was on their street.

"Police received another 999 call from a woman who said she saw a man with a knife.

"The CCTV shows the defendant running up the street carrying a long knife, which has never been recovered, saying: 'Here, watch me cut his head off'.

"Subsequently he was arrested.

"He was interviewed and given the opportunity to give his side of the story but made no comment."

Hackford was 19-years-old at the time of the offence and Mr Tulley described his criminal record as 'extensive'.

He told the court: "Perhaps the most striking thing about it is that after all of his offending he has never been in prison."

Defending, Andrew Walker, said Hackford was suffering from some 'emotional difficulties' at the time of the offence, which came only two weeks after the teen had attempted to kill himself.

Mr Walker added that the incident came after Hackford had been attacked by three youths, which is why he had armed himself with a knife.

"He is well aware he has overreacted and must be punished for that overreaction."

Hackford admitted to one count of possessing an offensive weapon at an earlier hearing.

Judge Sarah Wright sentenced Hackford to 10 months in prison.

She said: "You have a substantial amount of previous convictions. You have always previously been dealt with by the youth courts.

"This was extremely worrying behaviour. Brandishing a knife in a public place will not be tolerated and must be the subject of a deterrent sentence."