Sheffield teenager takes to the skies on a daredevil mission for Mitchell

Mitchell, with Karla & Mason Ward
Mitchell, with Karla & Mason Ward

A ‘DAREDEVIL’ schoolgirl is taking part in a skydive to raise money for a charity that took an injured family friend on the holiday of a lifetime.

Karla Kime, of Circle Close, Manor, is raising money for Dreamfight, which flew Mitchell Mason, now 11, to Orlando in October.

Mitchell was knocked down by a car on Harborough Avenue in 2011, and suffered severe head injuries.

The injuries were so bad that he needed to learn to walk and talk again.

However Dreamflight, a UK charity that flies disabled and seriously ill to Florida, gave Mitchell a ticket for the action-packed holiday last year.

Sixteen-year-old Karla Kime, a sixth-form pupil at Sheffield Springs Academy, said: “I watched a video of Mitchell’s time in Florida when he got back and knew then that I needed to do something to help the charity.

“I saw how much Mitchell had come on in the video and just felt I had to give something back.

“I’ve always wanted to do a skydive so just thought: ‘Go for it! I am a bit of a daredevil!”

Karla’s jump takes place next month and she is hoping to raise about £450 for the charity.

“At the moment I’m just really excited to do it. I think the nerves will only hit me when I’m about to jump out of the plane!

“I just want to make sure that other children in a similiar position to Mitchell get to experience the same holiday.

“It really changes lives.”

Mitchell was nominated for the trip abroad by doctors from Sheffield Children’s Hospital, where he still receives regular treatment.

His mum Leasa Ward, of Ravencarr Road, Manor, said she burst into tears when Karla told her about the skydive.

“She watched the video with me and said straight away that she wanted to do something. That made me cry.

“She’s only 16 and for her to do something like this for the charity is just incredible.

“I’m so proud of her and what she’s doing.”

Mitchell’s recovery has astonished doctors in Sheffield, who at one stage didn’t think he would be able to walk again.

He needed 11 operations after the collision and had part of his skull replaced with a titanium plate.

Mitchell, who attends Talbot Specialist School two days a week, still requires specialist medical help.

He suffers epileptic fits brought on by his head injury and has problems with the right side of his body.

However, Leesa said the trip was a life-changing experience for Mitchell.

“The charity is absolutely amazing,” said Leasa, who had to give up her job at a nursery to care for her son.

“Going on this sort of holiday would have been impossible for Mitchell without the 24-hour medical support he received while he was there.

“The children are accompanied by doctors on the trip which means parents can’t go. It was hard saying goodbye but he came back so much more confident in himself.”

While in Florida, Mitchell swam with dolphins, went on daytrips to theme parks and rode rollarcoasters at Disneyland resort.

Dreamflight is funded solely by voluntary contributions. It takes nearly 200 children on a ten-day trip to Florida every year, along with a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and volunteers.

You can sponsor Karla’s skydive at: Karla Kime Just Giving Page