Sheffield Tramlines 2015 - Saturday weather forecast & gig guide


Sheffield's Tramlines Festival 2015 heads into its second day today - but how will the weather be, and which bands should you see?

On Friday night, Tramlines kicked off with a host of performances across the city including The Charlatans at the Main Stage in Ponderosa Park.

Downpours failed to dampen spirits as the festival began.

Today the Met Office predicts a dry day with temperatures as high as 18 degrees Celsius.

After a cloudy start, the sky is expected to clear for a warm evening, with a peak temperature of 18 degrees at about 4pm, with clear skies and no rain forecast.

But where should you be heading? Here's today's full lineup:

12 noon The Natterjacks - The Folk Forest

1pm Magpies - The Folk Forest

1.15pm The Stoops - Devonshire Green

1.30pm Seven Tors - Cathedral

2pm The Payroll Union - The Folk Forest

2pm Bang Bang Romeo - Devonshire Green

2pm Hot Diamond Aces - Main Stage

2.30pm Jim Ghedi - Cathedral

3pm Renegade Brass Band - Main Stage

3pm Tropic of Youth - Devonshire Green

3pm Meadowlark - The Folk Forest

3.30pm Hannah Lou Clark - Sheffield Cathedral

4pm The Slow Revolt - City Hall

4pm This Is The Kit - The Folk Forest

4.15pm The Sugar Hill gang - Main Stage

4.15pm Melle Mel & Scorpio - Main Stage

4.15pm West Street Mob - Main Stag4.30pm Polo - Cathedral

4.40pm - The Broken Oak Duet - City Hall

5pm Best Friends - Devonshire Green

5pm S-Unit - Main Stage

5.15pm Diagrams - The Folk Forest

5.20pm Cleft - City Hall

5.30pm Daniel Whitehouse - Cathedral

6pm Knifeworld - City Hall

6pm Lonelady - Main Stage

6pm Blessa - Devonshire Green

6.20pm Dead English Gentlemen - The Leadmill

6.30pm - The Half Earth - Cathedral

6.45pm Polar Bear - The Folk Forest

7pm Rolo Tomassi - City Hall

7pm Slow Club - Devonshire Green

7.05pm - Floodhounds - The Leadmill

7.15pm Martha Reeves - Main Stage

7.30pm Hey Sholay - Cathedral

7.30pm Redfaces - The Harley

7.50pm - Man Of Moon - The Leadmill

8.10pm Alcest - City Hall

8.30pm Ultimate Painting - Cathedral

8.30pm Billie Black - The Harley

8.30pm North Prism - Millennium Gallery

8.40pm Hooton Tennis Club- The Leadmill

8.45pm Basement Jaxx - Main Stage

9.25pm Tuff Love - The Leadmill

9.30pm And So I Watch You From Afar - City Hall

9.30pm Gulf - The Harley

9.30pm Ceiling Demons - Millennium Gallery

9.30pm Zozo - Queens Social Club

9.45pm Marika Hackman - Cathedral

10pm Small Ideas Djs - Fusion

10pm Nice Like RIce - O2 Academy

10pm Unit 3 - Plug

10pm Stoaty - The Octagon

10.15pm Fat White Family - The Leadmill

10.30pm Errors - Millennium Gallery

10.30pm Kog & The Zongo Brigade - Queens Social Club

10.45pm Nao - The Harley

11pm Luca Lozano - Hope Works

11pm Submotion Orchestra - The Octagon

11pm Martelo - O2 Academy

11pm DMK - Yellow Arch Studios

11.30pm Portico - Millennium Gallery

Midnight - Mike Skinner - O2 Academy