Sheffield United are going to Wembley!

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QUE Sera, Sera, whatever will be will be, we’re going to Wembley’

The song of the Blades’ faithful rang through the streets of Sheffield as delighted fans filtered out of Bramall Lane last night.

After a nail-biting, hard-fought 1-0 victory over Stevenage Borough, Sheffield United had cemented their place in the play-off final.

The players were determined to show their appreciation to the legion of loyal supporters who have stuck with them through what has been a turbulent season.

The pressure was on, particularly as city rivals Sheffield Wednesday have already won promotion to the Championship, but the boys in red and white did not disappoint.

It took a tense 85 minutes before Chris Porter’s goal sent fans to their feet and a wave of euphoria spread through the Lane as the final whistle confirmed they’d made it to the national stadium.

Nine-year-old Charlie Stephenson, from Chesterfield was almost speechless as he watched thousands of fans spill on to the pitch following the win.

He said: “I am very, very happy. I was so nervous through the game. Wembley will be brilliant.”

Riding high on the win, fans were optimistic of the Blades’ chances of promotion, despite the not-too-distant memory of the team’s defeat against Burnley in the Championship play-off final in 2009.

Nicola Stanniland, of Walkley, Sheffield said: “They deserved to win without a doubt. We’re better than the Owls, the Blades should get promoted. I am delighted we’re off to Wembley.”

Lifelong United fan Jonathan Crowther, 50 and his son James, 18 travelled from Ilkley to watch their beloved team.

Jonathan said: “I’ve always been a fan. It was decided before James was born he’d be a Blade. We thought it was going to go to extra-time so we’re over the moon.”

Mark Dobbs, 31, of Deepcar, Sheffield took his nine-year-old daughter Mia along to last night’s big game.

He said: “I am absolutely ecstatic. I’ve been a fan for all my 31 years, since birth. We are going to go to Wembley and we’re going to win this time.”