Sheffield vet’s warning over treatment of dogs


A vet charity has raised concerns about the treatment of pets in Yorkshire.

A survey by the PDSA found three per cent of dog owners in the county never walk their pets, despite this being vital for their physical and mental wellbeing.

More than one-third of dog owners who were questioned also think it is acceptable to leave a dog alone for between six to 10 hours - the highest figure in the UK.

Robert Haselgrove, senior vet at PDSA’s Sheffield Pet Hospital, said the findings were worrying.

He said: “There’s no doubt that pet owners in Sheffield love their pets and would do anything for them. I see the amazing bond between pets and owners on a daily basis in my job at PDSA. However, I also see the other end of the spectrum, when people have acquired pets without fully appreciating the amount of time, effort and cost that is required to ensure they’re happy and healthy.”