Sheffield Wednesday will no longer allow fans to bring backpacks to Hillsborough


Sheffield Wednesday will no longer allow fans to bring purses 'bigger than a clutch bag' into Hillsborough.

The club are also banning fans bringing coolers, briefcases, luggage and backpacks, which comes into force when the Owls take on Hull City on December 2.

In a statement, the club said the changes were in response to recommendations from the safety operation team to make sure entry into the stadium will be 'smoother and faster'.

The club also said the move was to improve fan safety and stadium accessability.

Computer and camera bags are permitted only if a search is carried out prior to entry. There will be no change related to items such as smart phones and binoculars.

A Sheffield Wednesday spokesman said: "We strongly encourage supporters to refrain from bringing all types of bags to the game unless absolutely necessary."

"Supporters will continue to enjoy the matchday experience with these small changes, safe in the knowledge that entry into the stadium will be smoother and faster.

"Every member of the public visiting Hillsborough should do so in a safe and secure environment and public safety remains our top priority at all times.

"These revised measures will make the task of checking items upon entry more efficient and effective to all who visit as we look to maximise the experience of both home and away supporters."