Sheffield woman injured after 8ft holiday fall

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A WOMAN from Sheffield is in a foreign hospital with head injuries after plunging nearly eight feet down a drop while on a holiday.

Ann Wheatley, aged 70, is understood to have been outside an apartment in the upmarket resort of Port d’Andratx, Majorca, waiting while husband Richard parked their car, when she stepped backwards without realising there was a two- metre drop behind her.

Yesterday there was nobody to comment at the couple’s semi-detached home on Clarendon Road, Fulwood. It is thought they lived alone.

Shocked neighbours said the couple, who have two daughters and a grandson, had been expected back from holiday this week after setting off about a fortnight ago.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, described them as a ‘friendly couple’.

He added: “It’s quite a shock, dreadful.

“I think they are moving house soon, to be close to one of their daughters in the south of England.”

Another added: “Ann was in hospital recently, I know she’d been ill. They’ve had a harsh time of it.”

A third said: “All I’ve been told is that they were on holiday when Ann fell and she was taken to hospital.

“The hospital called her relatives to let them know.”

And another neighbour said they had been ‘looking forward’ to their holiday.

Mrs Wheatley fell on Saturday and was believed to be still in hospital yesterday.