Sheffield woman loses weight and gains two children

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A Sheffield woman who has shed five stone and gained two children is hoping her weight loss journey will inspire others to follow suit.

Liz Wilson, aged 36, from Nether Edge, joined Slimming World in 2010 and is convinced that her weight loss was the key to conceiving her children - Hannah, three and Max, seven months.

She had struggled beforehand.

The retail manager is now set to take over the Slimming World class she has been attending for the last five years, with classes to be held at Millhouses Methodist Church from January 7.

She said she started piling on the pounds after she was made redundant and struggled to find a new job.

“I was miserable. I knew my weight was affecting my health and my chances of getting pregnant yet I couldn’t find the motivation to do anything about it,” she said.

Liz, who was a dress size 22 at her heaviest and is now a size 16, added: “My weight had always been an issue throughout my life and though I could occasionally lose a stone or two by myself I never got any further. I believed my weight was my problem and I shouldn’t need the help of any external influences to shift it.

“I am so pleased I went to that first class as Slimming World really has given me a new lease of life - and my children.”

Liz, who has lost three-and-a-half stone so far, said: “I hope to continue my weight loss journey whilst running my own group and supporting more women like me.

“I am happier and healthier than ever before and can’t wait to inspire other women to be the same.”