Sheffield youngsters quiz Nick Clegg on his career, Santa and football

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Diplomacy was called for when Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg faced some blunt questions from Sheffield youngsters - including over his football affiliations and whether Santa was real.

The Sheffield Hallam MP visited Sheffield Children’s Hospital for a special radio programme with national talk show LBC, to be aired on Christmas Day.

Child patients asked the party leader if he had always wanted to be a politician and if he supported Sheffield Wednesday or United.

He said he had wanted to be an explorer but ended up in the ‘political jungle instead’ and ‘confessed’ that his family supported Arsenal.

He reassured youngsters that Santa was real while wearing a Christmas jumper and was asked what he could do to educate school staff, teachers and pupils about childhood cancer by a young woman who had a lack of support.

Other questions about why school meals were so expensive, bullying and whether he liked Prime Minister David Cameron came flooding in.

But perhaps the toughest question was from a young lad called Kian who asked: “When your career ends will you go on to ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ as Edwina Currie did?”

Mr Clegg said: “I think there are two things I can say pretty clearly. I’m not going to go to an unreformed House of Lords and I’m not going to the jungle.”