Showroom Cinema: Film of model and myth

This year marks the centenary of the founding of the Staaliches Bauhaus, arguably the most influential modernist art school of the 20 th century. More commonly known simply as the Bauhaus, the school was only operational for a relatively short period of time – from 1919 to 1933. But its approach to teaching art - and understanding art’s relationship to society and technology - had a major impact in Europe and the United States long after it closed.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 05 March, 2019, 09:41

To mark this occasion, Showroom Cinema have partnered with S1 Artspace to present a screening of an acclaimed documentary film that tells the story of the school through the voices of those who knew it best.

The fascinating Bauhaus: Model and Myth (2009) examines the artistic and political aims of the school and traces the Bauhaus’s evolution from its inception after the First World War to its dissolution and the emigration of some of its most significant Masters, teachers and students.

Through interviews with former Bauhaus students and archival footage, the film provides a unique insight into the essence of the Bauhaus principles, the conflicts that led to the relocation of the Bauhaus from Weimar to Dessau, the dissolution of the school during the Nazi era, the construction of Tel Aviv’s White City, and the origin of the "Bauhaus" myth in the United States.

This screening forms part of a six-month programme of activity in Sheffield organised by S1 Artspace entitled Construction House.

A direct translation of the term ‘Bauhaus’, Construction House reflects on the philosophy and relevance of the influential Bauhaus movement for today’s practicing artists, and their relationship with society. 

As part of this programme of activity, the Showroom Cinema and S1 Artspace are honoured to be bringing one of the co-directors of Bauhaus: Model and Myth, Professor Kerstin Stutterheim, to Sheffield for a live Q&A after the screening of the film.

An author, filmmaker, and member of the German Film Academy, Stutterheim is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at Bournemouth University’s Media Department.

She will be joined on stage by Mark Rawlinson - an academic, writer and curator based in Nottingham.

Rawlinson’s most recent curatorial project is Homage to the Bauhaus: The Jack Kirkland Collection, an exhibition which explores the international influence of the Bauhaus across the 20th century.

Bauhaus: Model and Myth + Q&A is at the Showroom Cinema on Tuesday the 12th of March at 6pm. For more info, and to book tickets, please visit: