Si dodges lorries and ravines on his epic run to Everest

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A Sheffield man aiming to run 8,000 miles across 20 countries before climbing Everest said this week: “My feet are feeling it!”

Si Homfray, returned briefly to the UK to visit family, to carry out repairs and to sort out credit cards and visas before rejoining the trail on the Croatian coast on his way to Albania, Macedonia and Greece.

He visited his father, David, who used to run Tinsley Wire and now lives in Herefordshire and has dementia.

Si, a veteran runner, who recovered from a serious head injury in a motorbike crash on Dore Moor, is raising money for Alzheimer’s Society.

The 50-year-old businessman, who left Sheffield last August, is pulling a trailer called Gromit - now repaired after the poles snapped - on his way to the Himalayas. The whole adventure is expected to end in March 2015.

Si, who lives at Ringinglow, said the journey was going according to plan and was on time. “Thankfully there have been no catastrophes. My feet are still hurting, but it’s all manageable. The amazing story is that an old git can adapt to the physical stuff. I wasn’t sure.”

There had been some “scary moments”, especially in the dark on Croatian roads without barriers and overlooking ravines. “Most of the incidents have involved a momentary lapse as large lorries and speeding cars have raced past a little too close for comfort. The big hazard is making sure you have food and fluids. And bad weather makes it interesting.”

Croatian people were “amazing. The poorer, the kinder. They give you breakfast and they won’t take money for digs.”