Sinead thanks fire control operator who saved her life

Sinead Bowden and fire brigade control room operator Liam Booth.
Sinead Bowden and fire brigade control room operator Liam Booth.

A WOMAN rescued by firefighters when she was trapped in her blazing Sheffield home this week met the 999 operator who saved her life by giving advice over the telephone.

Sinead Bowden, aged 23, was stuck inside her parents’ home in Romsdal Road, Crookes, when a microwave oven caught fire because of a suspected electrical fault.

She woke to find her bedroom filled with smoke and discovered she could not get out of the house.

Control room operator Liam Booth stayed on the line with Sinead, giving her fire survival guidance until she was rescued.

She visited South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s headquarters in Eyre Street to meet Liam and to thank the firefighters.

“I was absolutely terrified,” said Sinead, a call centre worker. “The house was full of smoke and there was no way out.

“I was screaming at Liam but thankfully he stayed calm, told me to stay in my bedroom with the door and window closed, with a dressing gown at the bottom of the door to stop the smoke. He really did save my life.”

Crew manager Liam said: “We’re all extremely well trained in dealing with this type of situation and she listened to all the advice I gave her.

“She told me afterwards that the batteries in her smoke alarm were the wrong way round, so it didn’t go off. I’ve told her to make sure she checks it once a week from now on!”

Sinead was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation in the fire last Monday but was discharged the same day.

Her parents Collette, and Aidan, have had to move out temporarily. The blaze gutted the kitchen and the family face a repair bill running into thousands of pounds.