Six candidates vying for Birley ward in Sheffield Council elections

Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.
Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 22, to choose new members for Sheffield Council, including a new representative in Birley ward.

Six candidates are vying to join existing ward members. Coun Denise Fox and Coun Bryan Lodge.

The candidates are:

CALUM HEATON, of Parkers Road, Broomhill – Conservative Party

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WENDY JENRICK, of Fulwood Road, Ranmoor - Liberal Democrat

Wendy said: “I’ve been proud that thanks to support from Liberal Democrats in Government, Sheffield Council has been able to freeze Council Tax for a fourth year. We know that behind closed doors Labour politicians have been planning big Council Tax hikes and it’s only as a result of Liberal Democrat pressure that Council Tax has been frozen again. We know big Council Tax rises are unnecessary. If Labour politicians cut back on their pet projects and got tough on unpaid Council Tax, the council could continue to fund the services that matter most to local people. A Council Tax freeze gives local residents a real helping hand and I’m proud it comes alongside an £800 tax cut for ordinary working people, secured by Liberal Democrats.”

KAREN MCGOWAN, of Brookhouse Drive, Hackenthorpe – Labour

The 49 year old Sheffield University admissions manager said “I am all too aware of the effect the cuts are having on the low paid, elderly, children and families in our communities. I believe the Tory-Lib Dem spending cuts imposed on Sheffield are unfair. It’s easy for Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to say we’re all in it together, but they don’t see the impact in our area. I didn’t become a councillor to impose the government cuts, I became a Labour councillor to improve the community in which I grew up in. Over the last four years I’ve been working with various friends groups, tenants and residents’ associations and the recently formed Frecheville and Gleadless library groups to take over the responsibility of running the libraries. These are very hard times, but all the community groups in Birley ward are committed to ensuring community services continue to be provided. As a local Labour councillor I will continue to do as much as I can to help and support individual residents with their issues as well as work with the local community groups.”

FRANK PLUNKETT, of East Glade Crescent, Hackenthorpe – Green Party

The 61-year-old retired TV engineer said: “I’m a key campaigner in Sheffield Against Fluoridation. There is no scientific evidence to prove it is either safe, efficacious or cost effective when added to our water supplies. “I’m among many living in the bigger council houses on estates in the ward who have been unjustly targeted by the coalition government’s ‘bedroom tax’. Many other benefit cuts are hitting working families with low-paid jobs. I am fighting my own bedroom tax and discretionary housing payment case and using the information and experience to help others. The Labour council is passing on government cuts without proper consultation or offering alternatives – Birley households need and deserve more council support.”

DAVE ROSS, of Wilkinson Street, Broomhall – Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

The 24-year-old teacher said: “I’m standing as a candidate for TUSC because I believe people matter. As a local teacher, I see the unnecessary hardship being forced on honest and hard-working families by a ruthless ruling class on a daily basis and want to fight in the interest of the local community as opposed to the bank balances of wealthy financial establishments and their shareholders. I am strongly against the privatisation and underhand dismantling of the NHS and am committed to fighting against further cuts to the services on which we all rely. Children’s centres, local libraries and day care centres for the elderly can all afford to stay open if we can afford to provide tax cuts to our richest, while UK companies sit on £750 billion in cash reserves and £120bn is lost every year to tax evasion. Where do your priorities lie? TUSC will fight for the ordinary people of Sheffield.”

YVONNE SYKES, of Worall Road, Wadsley – UKIP

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Arbourthorne ward candidates

Beauchief & Greenhill candidates