Six in the running for Broomhill seat at Sheffield Council election

Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.
Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 22, to choose new members for Sheffield Council, including a new representative in Broomhill.

Six candidates are vying to join existing ward members. Coun Jayne Dunn and Coun Stuart Wattam.

The candidates are:

KATHERINE BAKER, of Broxholme Road, Woodseats – Labour

The 27 year-old senior caseworker and Sheffield University graduate said: “In my current employment, I’ve truly enjoyed and felt privileged to work as an advocate and to fight for local people. I’ll campaign on the issues which affect people in Broomhill and across our city. With our country facing a cost of living crisis – we need to work hard to mitigate the damage being done to Sheffield by the Coalition Government’s unfair cuts. By next year we will have lost half of our Government funding to the city. Our Labour-run Council faces extremely tough choices and is striving to protect jobs and keep vital public services open in these very difficult times. Almost one million people across our country rely on food banks. The number of food banks in Sheffield has grown to 16 in an effort to meet local need – that the need exists in 2014 is a disgrace. Despite these cuts, however, we need ensure young people have jobs, local services are protected, those in need of care receive it and all residents can live in clean, safe neighbourhoods. If elected, I will work hard to meet these challenges and to effectively represent residents of Broomhill.”

RICH BROWN, of Harcourt Road, Crookesmoor – Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

The 35-year-old mature student and former pipe fitter said: “I’m standing for a real alternative to the austerity agenda that all three main parties and UKIP endorse. They all agree cuts have to be made – that ordinary working-class people must be made to pay for a crisis caused by the rich. The Liberal Democrats and the Tories are in government, cutting council budgets. Labour are in the council chambers doing their dirty work and ruining lives in the process. The Greens claim to oppose the cuts, but in Brighton, where they lead the council, they’ve not only passed on cuts, refuse workers went on strike against them to oppose a pay cut of up to £4,000. What is needed is TUSC who will stand up and say no, refuse to pass on the cuts and build a mass campaign to demand that the government provides the money our communities need.”

MICHAEL GINN, of Adkins Drive, Southey - Conservative Party

Awaiting information

HARRY MATTHEWS, of Brunswick Street, Broomhall - Liberal Democrat

The student said: “When Sheffield Council announced Broomhill Library would close unless volunteers stepped in to run the service, it was a big blow to our area. However, the local community has really shown its strength in the campaign to keep the library open. People have rightly asked why Labour politicians are closing libraries when so much money has been wasted by the Council and millions pound of Council Tax remain uncollected. Local residents are also asking why Broomhill, which is one of the most popular libraries in the city, is being closed when less popular libraries elsewhere in the city have been protected. The council’s excuses simply don’t add up and I’ll be making a strong case to keep the library open. As a student, I always want to raise student issues and work hard to ensure the council supports both permanent residents and student communities to live together.”

PAT SULLIVAN, of Manchester Road, Ranmoor - UKIP

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BRIAN WEBSTER, of Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross – Green Party

“I have worked and studied in the ward for seven years at Sheffield University and know the area well. It’s a straight choice between Green and Labour after years of hard work by our ward team on the local issues that matter. Greens have consistently offered practical help and advice to the campaigns to save our local library services. The Labour council has forced them to be run by volunteers from this autumn. If elected, my first priority will be to support Broomhill Library Action Group and Friends of Zest (Upperthorpe library) with the massive task of running the branches used by people in this ward. Voters in Broomhill can make a real difference by electing me as Broomhill’s first Green councillor on Thursday.”

Arbourthorne ward candidates

Beauchief & Greenhill candidates