Six South Yorkshire stores at risk of shutting as Johnson Cleaners announce closures

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A dry-cleaning chain with five South Yorkshire stores including three in Sheffield has announced the closure of more than 100 branches.

Johnson Cleaners has announced today it will close 109 of its 307 outlets nationwide.

The firm has individual shops in Pinstone Street and Ecclesall Road as well as a counter at Crystal Peaks Sainsburys.

There is also a store in Lords Mill Street, Chesterfield, and counters at Edenthorpe Tesco in Doncaster and Asda in Bawtry Road, Doncaster.

The company has not yet revealed which of its stores will be closed and a spokesman for the company said it is unlikely to reveal which stores are affected for about another two weeks.

Exact numbers on job losses have also not yet been confirmed.

Johnson previously closed more than 100 branches in 2012.

A spokesman for Johnson said: “We are commencing a consultation exercise with affected employees and anticipate that branches will close during the first half of the year.

“The remaining 198 better-performing premium branches are in more convenient locations with an infrastructure capable of receiving dry cleaning from various collection and delivery points.”