Six-year-old boy ‘kept on Sheffield children’s hospital ward with highly-contagious virus for three days after misdiagnosis’

Cameron Ozenbrook with parents Pam and Matt
Cameron Ozenbrook with parents Pam and Matt

An investigation is under way into claims a six-year-old boy with a highly-contagious virus was kept on a Sheffield hospital ward with other children for three days after his illness was misdiagnosed by doctors.

The family of Cameron Ozenbrook said their son also had to undergo an unnecessary and debilitating round of antibiotics at Sheffield Children’s Hospital after doctors wrongly treated him for days for a condition called orbital cellulitis instead of the adenovirus he actually had.

Cameron Ozenbrook

Cameron Ozenbrook

Cameron’s father Matt said his son was placed on a ward with around five or six other children, some of whom were waiting for operations.

He said he was concerned the virus may have been passed on to others in the hospital who came into contact with his son.

“I dread to think how many kids and adults actually came down with it,” he said.

The family have now filed a formal complaint to the hospital trust, who have said an internal investigation has been launched.

Sheffield Children's Hospital''Picture Dean Atkins

Sheffield Children's Hospital''Picture Dean Atkins

A spokesman for Sheffield Children’s Hospital said: “The trust can confirm that a formal complaint has recently been received from the family and we have commenced an investigation in accordance with NHS national guidelines.

“The trust is taking the issue raised within the complaint seriously and will provide the family with a formal response following the conclusion of our investigation.”

Cameron was initially diagnosed with conjunctivitis by his GP but after his family rang NHS 111 on December 19 he was taken into A&E at the Children’s Hospital due to him having a temperature and feeling lethargic.

He was diagnosed with orbital cellulitis, which is an inflammation of the eye tissue.

Cameron’s family were told he needed to be given antibiotics via an IV drip and he was taken on to a ward.

Mr Ozenbrook, from Ecclesfield, said: “They started him on 48 hours of antibiotics. There were four different types and the fourth was through a machine.

“It were hard seeing him in pain – at six-years-old he doesn’t know what is going on. This carried on for two days.

“By Tuesday, the doctors were worrying why it wasn’t working.

“We were really worried about getting him home for Christmas.”

Mr Ozenbrook said putting in an IV drip had caused Cameron ‘a lot of pain and upset’ as doctors had struggled to find a suitable vein to put a cannula into.

The treatment was failing to work and the family were told Cameron needed to stay in hospital.

On December 22, a consultant examined Cameron and Mr Ozenbrook said he diagnosed his son as having adenovirus and immediately ordered him to be taken off the ward.

Mr Ozenbrook said: “Basically he said what you need is to get him home and let it run its course, keep his temperature down and keep him in bed.”

He said the consultant had been shocked to hear Cameron was being treated on a public ward.

Mr Ozenbrook said: “He said ‘you need to get off the ward because he is going to end up infecting the whole ward. You need to get him off the ward ASAP’.”

The family said they now wanted answers about how their son was diagnosed and treated.