SLIDESHOW: Community united by park festival

More than 2,000 people packed into Firth Park today for a festival of activities, dance and sport.

The festival saw a host of family-friendly fun and games put on for the community with free entry.

Firth Park Festival 2014'Mark Baines hits the target as he gets a go at archery

Firth Park Festival 2014'Mark Baines hits the target as he gets a go at archery

Dancing displays from schools and community groups were put on while youngsters also enjoyed a climbing wall, bouncy castles and bike repair workshops.

Those attending were also encouraged to bring their bikes along for a check-up and design a t-shirt - with the winner handed a new bike and helmet.

Sporty children took part in penalty shoot-outs as well as enjoyed an inflatable football pitch.

Scouts, martial art groups and Territorial Army displays also made up the offerings, while South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue held demonstrations about chip pan fires.

Festival organiser and manager on the festival’s committee Chris Fox said: “It has been brilliant. We had a bit of a damp start but a lot of people have attended.

“We must have had about 2,000 people, and a lot of kids and families have come along.

“We had the mayor come and open the event and several councillors for the local area have been here too.

“Activity Sheffield brought their climbing walls and equipment which has been popular.

“Fitness Unlimited from Sheffield International Venues also came down.

“There has also been a lot of street dancing, in particular we had a group called Romano Jillo.

“They performed traditional Slovakian dance in costume, and the families loved it.

“We also had two or three school groups perform, including Bangra dance.

“That’s the great thing about this festival, it unites the whole community.

“I know the area has had a bit of trouble in the past but this is an event that brings people together.

“There is no pressure on people because they are just here to relax.

“The Friends of Firth Park also created a tea garden complete with tables and chairs, which is quite traditional but it was nice.”