Snapper invites couples to ‘rock the frock’

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PAINT splashed across a pristine, white wedding dress would be any bride’s nightmare on their big day.

But, after the ceremony has been and gone, dresses usually hang neglected in wardrobes, never to be worn again.

To put the clothes to good use, a new photography trend is giving couples the chance to wear their wedding outfits for one last time in a quirky photoshoot.

The idea - ‘Rock The Frock’ - started in Las Vegas in America, and has now been picked up by Sheffield-based photographer Amie Parsons.

Husbands and wives can splatter one another with paint, jump in a fountain, roll in mud or walk through a river - or if that takes the concept too far, couples can be photographed enjoying a romantic walk in the park, perhaps stopping to play on the swings.

Amie said: “The photos create memorable, funky images to brighten up a wall and make a great talking point with family and friends.”

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