Snow: Don’t travel in Sheffield unless necessary

RESIDENTS said snow on ungritted side roads and slippery pavements were causing problems in Sheffield suburbs.

Mick Daniels, chairman of the Brushes Tenants and Residents Association in Firth Park, said: “It comes every year and we end up with the same problems every year – once you are off the main roads you are just forgotten about.

“There must be some way of doing side roads once they have done the main roads. This has gone on for years and years, they are just forgotten.

“The grit is just put down round the shops but how do you get to the shops? A lot of the pavements to the shops haven’t been gritted.

“People know its coming and don’t do anything about it. I daren’t go out in my car in case I can’t get back.

“They know we will struggle on and moan about it but there’s never anything done about it. They don’t learn. We have to grin and bare it.”

Steve Rich, secretary of the Batemoor and Jordanthorpe TARA, added: The side roads are barely passable but the main roads have been gritted.

“I know we are predicted heavy snow. I would advise people to just stay in and don’t travel unless necessary. If you take your car and get stuck, then you block the whole road up.

“I know a bakery that works all night and all day to make sure there is enough bread. People can’t get to the supermarkets when it’s like this so a lot depend for food on nearby shops.”

Shirley Frost, secretary of the Westfield and Halfway TARA, said: “My advice would be to make sure you can get back before you go. The problem is people don’t clear their paths any more. Sometimes it’s safer to walk on the roads – that’s if there’s no cars on it. If you haven’t got anybody to help you, it’s best to stay in.”

Nancy Greyson, chairwoman of Fulwood TARA, said: “I’ve only seen one or two cars going on our crescent.

“We are quite used to severe weather. Everybody makes do. The gritting has been pretty good. They came to do the pavements without asking which was excellent. Priority has been given to the main roads. They have been on some minor roads this morning and put some grit down.”