SNOW falls in Sheffield as first flurries of winter hit city

It's SNOWING in Sheffield.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 27 October, 2018, 10:24

Residents have this morning reporting flakes of the white stuff falling in a number of areas including Lodge Moor and Stannington.

On Twitter, Tony Carroll said: 'I don't want to alarm any of you valley dwellers, but it's been snowing on and off up at Lodge Moor for the last hour.'

Last year, Sheffield suffered one if its worst winters ever.

And the Sheffield Honey Company said: 'It's literally SNOWING here at the farm, can't remember the last time we had October snow.'

The weather forecast for today was for a cold, windy start.

After that it should be cloudy with some bright spells, but also a few showers, some wintry ones on higher ground.

It should be sunnier this afternoon, however, with highs of up to 7°C.

Last year, the city suffered one of its worst winters ever, with the snow storms dubbed the beast from the east causing chaos on multiple occasions.