So what’s next after climbing Everest?

A SHEFFIELD company is organising the first British commercial expedition to the world’s fifth highest mountain.

Jagged Globe, which is based at The Foundry Studios in Mowbray Street, will send a team in the spring to Makalu in Nepal, which is described as a tougher challenge than Everest.

Standing on Everest in 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary saw the mountain and mentally worked out a route to the 8,463m summit but never did attempted it. A French expedition did it two years later and, since then, there have only been a handful of British ascents.

Whilst Annapurna and K2 are considered to be the most dangerous of the big climbs, Makalu is steeper than Everest and the distances between camping sites is further.

The route to the summit is longer and more technical.

The Sheffield-organised expedition, from April 2 to May 31, is restricted to seven or eight experienced mountaineers, who will each pay £14,995.

“No British company has ever organised a ‘commercial’ expedition to Makalu until now,” said Jagged Globe director Tom Briggs. “Over half the members of the Jagged Globe team have already either attempted or climbed Everest and are looking for a tougher challenge. One of them has climbed Everest twice before and attempted Makalu last year.

“There is only ever one highest mountain in the world but for mountaineers for whom Everest is either too busy, or no longer considered the challenge that it once was, Makalu is a formidable alternative.”