Songs of protest from US musician

Singer David Rovics
Singer David Rovics


David is performing at Blues Caribbean restaurant in Spooner Road, Broomhill on Friday night as a fundraiser for the campaign Love Music Hate Racism.

David, who grew up in a family of classical musicians in Connecticut, went from being a busker to travelling the world “as a professional flat-picking rabble-rouser”.

He is well known as an outspoken opponent of US government policies and of President Donald Trump.

David was asked by Rotherham anti-racism campaigner Phil Turner to write the song about the campaign to defend a group Asian men who were acquitted at Sheffield Crown Court of violent disorder after they were arrested following a protest against far right group Britain First. 

Rotherham had seen a series of demonstrations by far right groups seeking to blame only Muslim men for a child sexual exploitation scandal.

Anti-Britain First demonstrators had been told by police to go home past a pub where they met with abuse and violence from men drinking outside the pub. 

Lawyers for the defendants successfully argued in court that they had a right to defend themselves.

Phil, who is currently writing a play about the campaign with Rotherham actor and musician Karen Mulcahy, said: “We’re really pleased that David has agreed to write the song, which we’ll use in the play, at this event. 

“We need to celebrate victories such as these, after different communities came together to stop racists and fascists coming into their town and using Islamaphobia to divide them. We have always called for justice for all the victims of abuse.”