South Yorkshire dad sheds 10 stone in 18 months

Slimmer Nils Hofman
Slimmer Nils Hofman

HE’S a real super slimmer!

Nils Hofmann has been feeling a little lighter of late - after shedding a whopping 10 stone in weight in just 18 months.

Last March the 31-year-old dad tipped the scales at 22st 13lb, and was afraid of the effect his unhealthy lifestyle was having on his health.

So Nils embarked on an intensive keep-fit programme, transforming himself by taking up running and changing his diet.

Now he’s had to ditch his XXL clothes to invest in a whole new wardrobe and is gearing up to take part in the 50-mile Round Rotherham Race on Saturday, after just coming first in a 27-mile run.

Nils, a salesman for Anchor Magnets in Darnall, Sheffield, said the prospect of the run is ‘daunting’ but he’s overjoyed with his new, slimline self.

“I feel less tired and I have more energy,” he said.

“I can go to work, come home and run for a couple of hours. It also hopefully will put me in good stead for the future. It’s a lifestyle change, not a short-term change.”

He said he was fan of team sports when he was younger, but started to gain weight when he stopped making the effort to exercise regularly.

“I was drinking and eating too much, I took my eye off the ball,” said Nils, of Stag, Rotherham.

“The lack of exercise was the key think, my weight gradually crept up from the age of 19 or 20. You tend not to notice it being a massive difference.

“The strange thing is, you look at yourself and think you’re not that big - but you are. It hadn’t dawned on me that, staying that size, I wasn’t by any means going to lead a fulfilling life.”

Nils said he realised he needed to lose weight when he was left out of breath while following his five-year-old son, Freddie, upstairs at home.

“I thought ‘This isn’t right - I’m 30, running up a flight of stairs and I’m out of breath’. Also in the male side of my family, it was really written in the stars - my father had a triple heart bypass and both my grandfathers had heart problems.”

Nils first tried attending a slimming group but found it wasn’t effective enough for him.

“I needed to be self-motivated. My first step was going out running, but for the first few weeks I was ill with it. A five-mile walk would tire me out for the day after. Something in me made me decide to persist with it.

“Running showed me quick results in a short amount of time, the weight started dropping off. I found I could run a bit further each time I went out, that’s what appealed to me.”

He said he also cut his alcohol intake, reduced his portion sizes and ate fewer carbohydrates, and after losing three stone joined the Rotherham Harriers athletics club. Nils’s wife Sally, 32, also shares his newfound passion for running.

Nils added: “My old clothes have all been sold on eBay. I’m not somebody who wants to dwell on the past. I just want to move on now, I should never have been that way.”