South Yorkshire diver died after heart attack in sea on holiday

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

AN experienced diver died on holiday in Mexico after suffering a heart attack while underwater, an inquest heard.

Jeremy Bain, aged 47, was diving at a depth of 17 metres when he is thought to have suffered a cardiac arrest and become distressed before rapidly ascending to the surface.

PC Lee Woodwards, a police diver who examined Mr Bain’s equipment, said his wrist watch dive computer showed the dive was to a depth of 17.2 metres which was ‘well within safety limits’.

But he made a ‘dramatic ascent from 16 metres to 7.5 metres in little over a minute’ which he said ‘would indicate that something has happened’.

“He came up very suddenly then went back down again. That is not a normal event in a recreational dive unless he was practising rescue drills. It is something you try to avoid,” he added.

The inquest in Rotherham heard Mr Bain came up coughing and spluttering and was too weak to remove his vest and flippers without help.

The salesman had dived all over the world and had gone to Tulum in Mexico, with his partner Zena Abu-Zeini and her daughter last August where he booked a course to get his certificate for rescue diving.

He was among a group of six tourists taken out to a reef by a local scuba diving company and went into the water for what should have been a 45-minute dive.

But Mr Bain, of Rencliffe Avenue, Moorgate, Rotherham, was the first to surface after 38 minutes, the inquest heard.

Mexican pathologist Dr Salvador Hernandez gave the cause of death as gas bubbles in his airstream due to lung pressure damage from breath-holding on ascent.

But Rotherham coroner Ms Nicola Mundy asked for a second autopsy in the UK and pathologist Dr Kim Suvarna said he had undiagnosed heart disease.

His examination revealed evidence of a previous heart attack and narrowing of the arteries.

Ms Mundy recorded a verdict of natural causes adding: “It is my view that he passed away as a result of his underlying heart condition.”