South Yorkshire Police officers trained to use off road bikes to target nuisance riders


Police lave launched a special operation to target off-road nuisance motorcyclists causing havoc in neighbourhoods across South Yorkshire.

The force said they are increasing patrols following a spike in the number of anti-social behaviour incidents reported in recent weeks.

The operation has seen officers trained up to ride off-road bikes to allow at least one officer in each of the four districts - Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley - to be able to pursue off-road riders.

So far five officers from Doncaster have completed the training, while six from Rotherham and Sheffield are currently undergoing the training with the Barnsley teams to follow.

One of the first operations in Doncaster last weekend resulted in seven warning notices being issued to riders warning them that their bikes would be taken away if they continued to cause disruption.

Inspector Mark Payling, who oversaw the operation, said: “The purpose of this work is not to stop legal riders from using and enjoying their bikes, it instead aims to bring offenders who are posing a danger to our communities by riding illegally to justice.”

“I understand the disruption, concern and anti-social behaviour issues that are caused through the use of off road bikes, is both upsetting and frustrating for local communities.

"However, I hope these communities now feel reassured that all reports of nuisance off road bikes are taken seriously and that this action has been taken to resolve and prevent issues caused by illegal off road bikes from reoccurring.”