South Yorkshire trainer’s £10 food test

JemimahBS''Jemimah Broadhead from Chesterfield
JemimahBS''Jemimah Broadhead from Chesterfield

JEMIMAH Broadhead has a new favourite food - soya milk.

“I really like it,” the 24-year-old said. “I had never really tried it before but now I’ve got a real taste for it.”

Jemimah, who trains paramedics in Chesterfield, only discovered a year ago she could not tolerate milk, or other foods including egg white, bread, pasta, cheese or lentils.

“I first noticed symptoms in the months leading up to my wedding.

“I had a feeling it was food related, as I noticed the symptoms were more extreme after eating, but my doctor said it was probably just stress causing irritable bowel syndrome.

“After I got married, the stress of planning for the wedding was over - but I was still struggling with my symptoms.”

Jemimah of North Wingfield, had a £10 blood test by York Test which came back saying she was intolerent to several foods.

An estimated one in 100 are affected by gluten intolerance - but Allergy UK says as many as 45 per cent suffer from other food intolerances.