South Yorkshire UFO X-files revealed

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News: Bringing you news 24-hours a day.

A ‘circular, metallic’ object circling the skies of Rotherham is just one of the reports revealed in South Yorkshire’s very own X Files.

Sightings of the ‘circular, but not round’ UFO in June 2009 is just one of the Ministry of Defence records of ‘UFO’ sightings which have been released by the National Archives.

Whether you’re a believer in extra-terrestrial life or not, incident reports make for disturbing stuff.

The Rawmarsh caller told the RAF High Wycombe crew it was like ‘nothing they had seen before’ and the object ‘shot down several times’ in the area.

On the same night, a keen-eyed witness emailed the RAF base after spotting what they also thought was a UFO in Ravenfield.

The email reads: “The object approached Ravenfield from Doncaster, at first my husband and I thought it was a plane in trouble, however it made no noise and kept to a level flightpath.

“It passed overhead and stopped in the distance towards Sheffield, it hovered for a few moments then zig-zagged left and right before accelerating at tremendous speed, vanishing out of sight.”

Other sightings included a light moving in the sky at night over Mexborough in 2007.

South Yorkshire Police passed a witness statement on to the MOD after a dog-walking couple spotted a ‘luminous piercing light shooting sprays of light out from it’.

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