Speeding shame on death crash road

Hundreds of reckless drivers have been caught speeding at up to double the legal limit on the Sheffield road where schoolgirl Jasmyn Chan was killed in a hit-and-run.

A shocking 471 drivers were clocked speeding on Normanton Hill, Intake, in just nine spot-checks since July when the road became a ‘community concern’ site.

Normanton Hill towards the A57

Normanton Hill towards the A57

South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership said there was an average of more than 24 offences an hour.

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and the highest recorded speed was 66mph – more than twice the 30mph limit - from a car overtaking at a pedestrian crossing.

Today campaigners and councillors united in calling for drivers to slow down to prevent another tragedy like the death of 14-year-old Jasmyn in May.

Sandra Bradley, chair of the local community group for road safety, told The Star those caught ‘deserved’ the fines and points on their licences.

The campaigner and nearby resident said: “What more does it take on this road? When are they going to learn this road is not like other B roads?

“I was shocked, but this is what we have been saying about how dangerous this road is. It’s been going on for years – it is diabolical.

“There are lots of parents who take their kids to school because they are petrified about them walking and crossing the road.

“Local people do not all speed, there are people who do adhere to the limit, but the majority are driving over 30mph.

“We do not want any more tragedies – I would appeal to everyone to stay to the speed limit.”

Birley Community College pupil Jasmyn pushed her friend out of the way of an oncoming car before she was hit.

More than 1,000 mourners attended her funeral and over 12,000 people called for road safety improvements at the spot where she lost her life, while a new charity foundation has been set up in her memory.

Sheffield Council is now working with campaigners to educate school pupils and drivers, create a new crossing and, hopefully, get a crossing warden.

New signs have been installed on the road.

Cabinet member Coun Jack Scott said: “Despite the tragic events earlier this year and the additional signs installed along the road, reckless motorists are still speeding along this route.

“Among these vehicles was one car overtaking at 66mph at the crossing!

“We all have a duty to consider other road users, especially pedestrians who may have to cross this busy road.

“I would appeal to motorists to think about their speed and consider the consequences – always drive within the legal speed limits.”

Barry Smith, manager of South Yorkshire Police’s Safety Camera Partnership, added: “Speeding continues to be a considerable danger to all road users.

“The partnership is committed to tackling speeding and will continue to carry out enforcement action against motorists who break the law.”

Naseeb Ellahi, aged 32, of Birmingham, has been charged with six offences in connection with Jasmyn’s death and is due to appear in court next month.