Spring has sprung in the city as Sheffield sees sunniest February since 2008

Six-year-old Darcey Hutchinson enjoys a snowdrop festival in South Yorkshire
Six-year-old Darcey Hutchinson enjoys a snowdrop festival in South Yorkshire

Spring is in the air in Sheffield – last month was the sunniest February the city has seen since 2008.

But Sheffield also had a high number of ‘wet’ days during the month, Weston Park Museum’s weather centre’s monthly figures reveal.

Almost 100 hours of sun were recorded – the average for this time of year is 57.

There were 121.2 hours of sun in February 2008 – which is the sunniest on record.

Sheffield also had the most ‘wet days’ – ones when there was more than 1mm of rainfall – in February since 2002 .

But the total monthly rainfall of 66mm was not far above the 63mm average for the city.

The figures show it has been persistently wet, but the amounts of rain were relatively low.

Alistair McLean, who records weather data at Sheffield’s Weston Park Museum, said: “When we’ve had rain, it’s not rained a lot, and occasionally there has been cumulous clouds coming over so there has been sunny spells in between.

“In the grand scheme of things, the whole winter has been fairly mild.

“There has been wind from the west bringing all the water picked up from the Atlantic and dropping it on us. If the weather had been a bit colder we would have had more snow.

“Hopefully the weather will start to pick up now. In January we had a really cold snap, the wildlife was just about getting ready for Spring, but then it was cold towards the end of the month.

“But the birds are starting to sing now and hopefully Spring is upon us.”

This winter has been slightly wetter than average but the joint second warmest winter on record in Sheffield. The average temperature was 6.5C, the same as during the winter of 2006-2007.

The warmest ever on record for the city was the winter of 1988–1989, which had an average temperature of 6.7C. However, temperatures will plummet as The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of snow for South Yorkshire for today.